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Sam Kriviak 

About Me


My journey to becoming a counsellor has been winding. My own experience with mental illness was the first time that I realized how powerful counselling can be to create positive change, support personal growth, and ignite passion and purpose. Since then, I have witnessed friends, family, colleagues, and clients benefit from the support of counsellors, further fueling my passion for this work.

I live in Edmonton, in Treaty 6 Territory, with my cats Gulliver and Olive. I use they/them pronouns - feel free to ask me more about this! Some of the things that bring me joy include hiking, sunshine, and cheese.

Aerial view of a road through a thick pine forest

My Background

Along the way to becoming a counsellor, I trained as a yoga teacher, learning more about how our bodies and minds can work together to support our peace, fulfillment, and wellbeing. I also provided crisis support through the Edmonton Distress Line, earning my certification as a Certified Crisis Worker (CCW).


I graduated the University of Lethbridge Master of Counselling program in June 2020.

I work with teen and adult individuals struggling with: 

  • gender & sexuality

  • climate crisis distress

  • disabilities

  • systemic oppression

  • trauma & violence

  • attachment issues

  • grief & loss

  • existential issues

  • self worth

  • adolescence & transitions to adulthood

  • relationships

  • anxiety & depression

  • suicide

  • self-harm

  • substance use

  • ADHD

  • autism

  • eating disorders

I am a Registered Psychologist in Alberta. I offer virtual therapy only and clients must be in Alberta at the time of their appointments.

Supporting You

I have a passion for social justice. I strive to advocate and provide appropriate, informed support for diverse and marginalized clients whose experiences of discrimination, poverty, alienation, violence, and injustice negatively impact their wellbeing.


Counselling alone is not enough to create a fair, compassionate, and inclusive society, but I embrace it as one tool for transformation and healing. I am also 

committed to working towards larger, systemic changes.

Aerial photo of a winding road through mountain and forest landscape
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