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Sam Kriviak 

Several colours of yarn lying together

About Counselling

Counselling is the process of getting support, making sense of your experiences, addressing your blocks and barriers, and finding new insights, strategies, or experiences in order to create change in your life.

It is a bit like unraveling a ball of yarn together and untangling the knots so you can smoothly integrate new, colourful threads.

Counselling can help to change how you feel, how you cope with challenges, and what your relationships are like with others and with yourself. Counselling can also shift old patterns, provide closure for past hurts, and help you create new experiences moving forward. Counselling supports change in a few different ways:

  • Processing your feelings and experiences while receiving validation and support.

  • Learning more about yourself and the issues you are going through to provide insights, understanding, and new ideas.

  • Expanding your toolbox for coping with
    challenges by offering new strategies and
    nurturing new experiences.

Counselling will not get rid of emotions or challenges, but it can make these experiences manageable and provide new ways of processing, reacting, and engaging with them when they arise.

Picture of a large, beautiful spider web covered in dew
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